The Dickens Galaxy (dickensian around the world)

Thanks to the Rochester’s community for welcoming me to the recent Dickens Festival. I didn’t want to “invade” your wall with a long-winded post. but if you want, you can share it.Thank you for the commitment and passion you put into setting up that wonderful event, this is the reason that led me there specifically to attend the parade: Charles Dickens is not simply a novelist, Charles Dickens is a style, an impetuous artistic current. When my gaze turns to the shelves of my library dedicated to Dickens I perceive the vital buzz of thousands of lives that have passed the test of time. Dickens is one of the most precious gifts I have received in my life. When I think of Pip, Hugh, Ester, Sissy, Joe Gargery, I think of them as people and not as characters, because the power of a Dickensian creature is the vitality resistance to 200 years from its conception. So Pip is not an invention. Since my adolescence Pip is the friend I hoped to meet in my life, imperfect, impulsive, naive, fragile, human. When I was a child, my grandmother Laura set up a small home reception every year on February 7 during which some episodes were told from Dickens’ novels. We children used to play a performance with cardboard silhouettes of the characters drawn by my grandfather. Today I am an adult (since 2000 … DAMN) and I shared this tradition with the children of the current family. They are excited to celebrate the birthday of a gentleman born two centuries ago with a real cake and surprising stories! Dickens has always been in my life since I have memories and I can say that he will always be there for me. Thanks to Dickens I kept the childish feeling of magical expectation of Christmas which is renewed every year with the reading of “A Christmas carol” and every time on the night of December 24th after closing the book I am amazed because that infallible alchemy has worked once again. Around me under my Christmas tree I perceive the vibrations of that wonderful story that feeds my excellent mood for all the following holidays. I am happy to see how contemporary artistic expressions spread Dickensian culture. I believe that theater can and should still draw a great deal from Dickens because the intensity of some characters and their dialogues are perfect for the stage. Miss Havisham is one of the most complicated theatrical characters a woman could play. Often I need to relive a particular Dickensian scene, so I open the novel and thanks to the authenticity of those dialogues a world of images and emotions arise. I thank Dickens for being able to tell how in the most dramatic life there is room for the comic break and I thank him for showing the secondary characters. The person apparently in the shadow of the protagonists is capable of showing impetus of unforgettable personality. Thanks to Charles Dickens for his prolific creativity, thanks to anyone who today is committed to keeping his art alive and delivering it to the future. Thanks to all of you Dickensians, wherever you are in the world. Fax Mac Allister

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