Fax Mac Allister, creative writer, after a promising academic career at Drama Department of the Free State has answered to the customer care of prestigious collapsed bank holdings and for pet food selling. He lives and works in South Africa, sometimes he works, sometimes (sporadically) lives. You can meet him with his heart pierced by holly in the Dickens Festivals around the world or in the streets of Asmara with a dreamy look in front of some building with a dilapidated facade and the faded shutters. This is how he summarizes his biography “Wherever I go, whoever I become, I will always be Fax, the little man of three letters, hiccup suspended between a brief Empire in East Africa and a county lost in the heart and in space.”

Mi appartiene una scrittura brillante e nostalgica, frequentemente autobiografica. Amo sorprendermi della straordinarietà nelle vite ordinarie. 

fax ci siamo

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